How to Earn More while Working Less

As we grow old, there are certain principled of life that were instilled into our minds, like “No pain, no gain”. We were told that we have to work hard on something to get more rewards. And that is one of the principles I always believed, well, before.

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to get themselves on the top of success, while other are struggling just to survive at the bottom? What exactly are the secrets of the people on the creme of the crop, these people who do very well in their business?

Yes, building a business online requires hard work, but there are also some shortcuts that could get you on place in just short time.

Before I reveal the concept, I would like to ask you some case questions that could help you understand what the concept…

CQ1: You saw a cute shirt on the store you are in, and it costs $10. You happen to know a store which is 15-minute walk away from where you are now, and it costs $5. Which store do you buy the shirt?

CQ2: Full car gas tank costs you $50, which normally lasts for a week for you. Today, there is a 50% less discount if you full your car tank. However, you have to queue for 2 hours to be served. Do you like the avail today’s discount?

CQ3: You need something done, which would take you 20 hours to finish. Hiring someone to do it for you costs $50. Are you going to do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you?

The Time Perspective

CQ1: If you decided to buy the $5 pen, you were able to save $5 in your 15-minute walk.

CQ2: If you avail today’s discount, you were able to save $25 and spend 2 hours on queue.

CQ3: If you decided to do the thing yourself, you saved $50 and spent 20 hours to finish it.

How you value your time determines how fast or slow you can achieve success. Rich people use money to buy them time. And most ordinary people sell their time for money. If you have a job, basically you sell your time for money.

The Concept: Think Big and Take Massive Action

You see, successful people think and act differently from the rest. They don’t compete with people who are struggling in their way. Yet, they think big and act big. They do exactly the opposite of what others are doing. I understand that it is easier to do things most people do. However, it is easier to get positive results if you do what other successful people do.

Be Realistic or Idealistic?

Now, I want to ask you. How much would you realistically earn in your job or business in two years time? Once you have finished summing up, multiply it by 10 times. Now, that will be your target revenue or earnings  for the next 2 years. While being realistic is a good thing, being idealistic is a better thing. As I said, THINK BIG.

The reason for doing so is because we want to calculate our time value in coming couple of years.

Time Value per Hour Calculation

Let’s put these assumptions:

Realistic Salary in 2 Years: $1,000/month
Idealistic Salary in 2 Years: $10,000/month
You work 20 days in a month, 8 hours per day: 160 hours
Time Value per Hour: $62.5/hour

Now, you may ask yourself, “Can I achieve that new target income without doing some changes in what I am doing now?” Well, let me tell you that you are asking the wrong question. You must ask, “What MUST I do to achieve that target income in two years?” instead. You see, to be the successful person you want to be, you need to have that attitude, the perspective to change whatever has been not working for you.

Now, going back to the appropriate question.. What must you do to be able to achieve your target income? You need to increase your time value by applying LEVERAGE.

4 Kinds of Leverage

These are the four kinds of leverage you can apply to give more value to your time.

Leverage Other People’s Time

You make use of other people’s time to do things for you.

  • Outsource – You hire other people, who are good at what they are doing,  to do things for you.
  • Buy product resale rights.
  • Repurpose Private Label Rights
  • Purchase Automation Tools (like tools for auto-content syndication, article spinner or article submission)

Leverage Other People’s Money

You make use of other people’s money.

  • Coaching other people – You share tips or tricks to people you coach, and then they come back to you with results and insights with your advice. This way, you also learn while earning.
  • COOP Advertisement – For example, you found a good advertisement site that gives good traffic. Then, you buy ad space in bulk, and they will sell it to you with discount since you purchased in bulks. Let’s say the original value for each ad space is $100. Since you bought in bulk, each ad space’s discount price is now $60. Now, you sell each ad space to people who are interested for $80. They save $20, and you earned $20 as well.
  • Promotional Partners – This is like a referral or affiliate program. Let’s say you have a new product to sell and you find a promotional partner. This partner will buy the rights to sell on your behalf. If they do, they also get commission to each product they sell.

Leverage Other People’s Networks

You make use of other people’s networks.
  • Promotional Partners – The idea is the same as the above.
  • Other people’s brands or leads – The idea of this one is the same as doing ad swaps or solo ads with other people’s business.
  • Other people’s social network – This is probably one of the most common these days. You post your product links, sales pages to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

Leverage Other People’s Knowledge

You make use of other people’s knowledge. This is the most essential kind of leverage you should never miss out in your business.
  • Coaching – To pay someone to get information can actually give you more money in return. You see, you hire a coach to share tips, tricks and information that could save you from a business-losing disaster.  A coach tells you which way to go or not to go, what to do and not to do, what to avoid and what to pursue. They can literally show you the way to shortest curve to success which could take you years if you do and discover the thing yourself.
There are two mottos about knowledge that I really love and these are:
It is smart to learn from your own mistakes. But it is wiser to learn from other people’s mistakes.
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.
If you prefer to not learn things and ask for advice from experts who have experienced the good and bad things, you may not notice that eventually in time, you are actually losing money instead of earning. You waste your money on buying this and that, having no idea if they actually work. While the “trying” attitude is a good attitude at some point, the “wise and practical” attitude actually saves and bring you more success the fastest.



How to Scale Up Revenue in your Business

As an internet marketer, it came into my thoughts why some people succeed in their venture so quickly, while some don’t no matter how hard they work. This scenario happens no only in internet marketing, but even in common workplaces.

Most people do not know why they are failing; hence, they keep doing the things they are doing until all their money, savings or any kinds of assets are dissolved or wiped out. I would like to save you from having that fate. Hence, I am going to tell you the secret component you should not miss.

The Sad Reality

This single component is the thing people have always desired to achieve, yet it is is also the one they miss to put in their job or business. To give you a better understanding, picture these hurtful realities:

  • The more money you earn, the more you spend as well.
  • Pay increase does not equate to the inflation rate.
  • The cost of almost everything essential is increasing (e.g: education, healthcare, and basically cost of living )
  • Bank savings do not really secure future. Their interests are literally low, that 50 years is not even enough to double your savings in the bank.
  • There is no job security with today’s economy.

So, given these bitter truths, what could our children expect in their future and how do we make ourselves prepared and be able to survive this world? These problems are similar in other forms in the terms of internet marketing if the component is missing.

How we can compete and increase our revenue?

Let me illustrate it to you.


For example, you have an advertisement for Product 1, and it got you 100,000 views and out of these views, you got 10% CTR or 10,000 clicks. And out of these clicks, 10% of them opted in. They gave you their email addresses in exchange for the information you are going to give them. These people who opted in will not immediately usually will not buy your Product 1 immediately. They will first check if you are a legitimate business or not, they will also check your competition if they have better offer than you, they will open and read your emails first and evaluate how good your offer is, before they actually buy from you. So for example, 1% of the total opt-ins purchased Product 1 which costs $100. So, your total revenue for product 1 is $1,000.

Now, let’s move forward to Product 2. We added an upsell product to our funnel and this costs much higher than Product 1 which is why it is called an upsell. So, let’s assume that you get constant number of views, CTR, optin rates and buyers. This would mean that your total revenue for Product 2 doubled the total revenue you earned in Product 1.

Let’s see Product 3. Let’s assume that you are getting more buyers this time. So, your total revenue is 5 times more than your initial product revenue. That is awesome, right?

From the illustration above, how do we increase our revenue?

  • Increase Number of Customers

You can increase the number of your leads or your customers by using lots of traffic sources. Promote your page effectively on different sites to gain more views, then CTR, optins and eventually buyers. Do better in persuading your leads to purchase your products.

  • Increase Average Transaction Value

Increase the prices of your products by upselling or cross-selling them.

  • Increase the number of transactions per customer

While getting new customers is important in your business, making your existing customers loyal and making them buy each of your products is more important. They are the ones that make your upsells work. So, make them buy your products by promoting to them your new products, giving them special offers on holiday seasons, and making them recur their membership to you. In short, you always have to be in contact with them. Do not make them forget about you and you forget about them

Now, let me ask you. Are you able to do these things above all other things that you have been doing to keep up to your business? Are you willing to changes all that need to be changed? Then, now is the time.

What the Component Really Is?

What really is the component that might be missing in your business? The answer is … CONTROL. You need control in your business to play the Numbers game.

You see, how will you know if what you are doing is working or not if you do have the numbers. You should see number results or reports on whatever you are doing.  You should know the conversion rate. From there, you will now if something is working or not. Also, you need that control to improve the numbers.

How Branding Can Give You Loyal Customers

Do you ever wonder why Starbucks coffee which is way more expensive than regular coffee you can buy on some coffee shops or even make at home get more patronizers? Is it because of the coffee? No. Or is it because of the brand? Maybe. Why are people more willing to pay on something that is expensive when they can buy something similar to it which is less expensive or even free if you know how to make it at home?

Also, can you sell a home-made coffee the same price as Starbucks coffee? That is a big N-O! So, what exactly is Starbucks selling? It is not the product nor the brand, but the GREAT EXPERIENCE. Coffee here is just the by product. What they are exactly selling is the experience you would get.

The Real Deal

Let me ask you, why do you buy Starbucks coffee? One answer for sure is that you find its taste more appealing than the others. The next good reason you certainly will say is that, you find their place cozy and comfortable. You feel more relaxed and calm as you sip the coffee on your table.


You should not miss the power of branding

You see, the brand defines how important the business is. And the product are made to support the importance of the business and is shown as a solution. The product does not define the product. But a great brand can increase the value of the products. So, if you have a great brand like Starbucks, you have the right or power to increase the price of your coffees than its standard given that they can provide an awesome experience to their customers.

What exactly does branding mean in internet marketing?

Branding is what your leads know you for and the kind of experience you give them. The kind of experience you give to your leads determine how much trust they can give to you. It means that the more and greater the experience you share to them, the level of trust they could give to you would be deep as well. Hence, it is very important that you give them quality experience because people love to buy from people they trust.

For example, you want to buy a pair of shoes. You found a store online that sells the shoes you want at a very cheap price. You become skeptical as it maybe a bogus or a scam. You searched for another online store that might sell the same. You found one. It is someone who has good reputation and known for its honest selling. However, the price is more expensive than the previous one you saw. So, where do you buy? If you are on a tight budget and you want to take a risk, then you go for the cheaper price. But if you want to be sure that you would get what you paid for, you would be more willing to spend as long as the experience you get is something not to regret.Personally, I would also be willing to spend on something that would give me worthy experience. People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.

If you want to build your brand and make people flock to you, you have to make yourself an expert in your field, build good relationship with your leads and give them a sky-rocketing experience.

Let’s go back to our comparison on coffee. Let’s say:

Regular nameless coffee costs $5. Starbucks coffee costs $10. I, as a new coffee business, how much should I price my coffee? Could I price it $20? Well, yes. But do you think people will patronize you? I bet no. So, there are few things you need to do to be able to win the hearts of coffee lovers out there.

What you need to boost your brand:

  • Serve your customers with tasty coffee.
  • Build good relationship with them.
  • Educate and make them aware of hidden problems.
  • Do not give them high expectations or promises but over-deliver.
  • Satisfy them.


The Key to Influencing People to Say Yes

In our life, there would be at least once or twice that we felt totally embarrassed doing something not knowing why we even did that in the first place.

And I could count one moment where I had that. It was when I had to sell stickers. What is embarrassing is that these stickers are all over my face. So imagine a person walking towards you with stickers covered on his face. It is sort of creepy or shocking, right? So, I had to be that scary or shocking person for an hour. I approached people and asked them to buy the stickers off my face.

The Story:

I would love to share this with you how someone made me say yes and do that embarrassing stuff and I want you to apply this on your life.

For $4,000 entrepreneurial course, it made me do stuff I never thought I could do in my entire life. During our lesson about rejection, our coach distributed to us a bunch of stickers and said, “Whatever you do or say, there will always be someone who disagree with you and hate you for it. As long as you do it with a clear conscience, do it anyway.” He then asked us to paste the stickers any course-mate we like. And that anyone can paste back sticker to someone who pasted on his face. And so, for 5 minutes we really had fun doing the stuff. We laugh as we paste each other’s face with stickers.

When we were done, he told us that when we were having fun, we feel no embarrassment. He was right. Imagine those times in your younger schooling years. You and your friends fooling around, people are watching you because your do this weird yet funny stuff. But you just don’t care because you are having fun. You feel that it is the time of your life to enjoy it. That is what our coach was implying.

influencing people


So getting back to the story, our coach wanted us to proclaim that we are not bothered by what people think of me. He made us say the same thing until he got the satisfaction that he wanted. We said it a few times louder everytime. He then asked if we are sure that what we just proclaimed is true. He then made us say, “Yes” for a few times again until he got the satisfaction he wanted.

At that moment, I must say, that I feel so sure about myself. I feel like all the positive energy is going inside every bone of my body. I feel so alive and driven to do anything I need and want to do not until when he said…

… that he is holding a small competition among us. He asked us to sell those stickers in our face. He said that he’ll see if we meant what we just said that we don’t really care what people think of us. And there, slam! Reality hit me. But of course, I can’t stop. I have to prove it not only to my coach but also to myself that I can do it. I am not just an ordinary person. I am special and I can do big time. Also, he said that the team who could generate most revenue wins, so I got driven (a bit). :)

The morale of the story:

From this story, I was able to extract a lesson that really worked on me, evidently as he made me do that crazy but lesson-giving moment.

It is easier to influence people when you make them do simple and easy stuff (like pasting stickers and saying Yes for few times). From that, you are creating a pattern of consistency. With this consistency, you become driven to soar and achieve things. You can make people do things by questioning where the answer is Yes or which will make them think and do actions.

Marketing Strategy I Learned from Embarrassment

Did you ever have that moment when you are so embarrassed  but you are thankful that embarrassment happened because it made you learn something?

The pivot to embarrassment

I have encountered that moment. It was April last year, and there were around 20 stickers all over my face. I have to sell all of them within an hour. Imagine the double embarrassment I encountered. First, people see me with stickers on my face, and second I have to approach them and sell them the stickers.

Never in my life had I imagined I could do such things, but a ninja mind-controlled me and had me fully convinced to do it. Let’s just say I was kind of hypnotized to do it. :p

But looking at the bright side, I was never alone in the moment of embarrassment. There were 7 groups, 8 members each on the mission. Each of us tried our best to sell the tickets and contribute revenue on our respective groups.

But at the end of the hour, I was only able to contribute $1.80 to my group. What a shame. One person from another group, who I’d like to call as Alvin, was able to collect more than $40 to his group. When I knew  about it, I was in awe. Earning that much in an hour while double- embarrassing yourself is just terrific.

Why he generated more than I did? What was his edge?

Before I reveal it to you, let me tell you how I approach with my prospects, and how Alvin does it. Just for comparison.

Marketing strategy

The guy in the photo is not me, and this photo is not mine. Just grabbed it from Google to illustrate how I approached people in my marketing strategy.


I approached the people who are walking towards me. Then I’d tell them that there is thing that we need to do in this course I am enrolled in. And our lesson is about courage and accepting rejection. They’d have to buy thicker in my face. The person, who was stunned on what I just said, was speechless. So I tell them that is just cheap. And that’s how I earned $1.80 within an hour.


He approached the people sitting on the benches and asked them if they want to know the secret on how they could not face rejection in their lives. The people then said, “Yes, sure.” And there, he shared some lessons to them. He then asked them if they want to know more. Since these people’s curiosity were heightened, they were interested to know more. That was then the time he tried selling the stickers on his face. That’s how he earned more than $40 within an hour.


Two things I learned from the difference of our approach:

1. Selecting the right audience. I approached people who are walking, going to their respective destinations. I should not have done that. These people are in a hurry, most probably. They did not have that luxury to talk with me, open their minds about this thing I am presenting and heighten their curiosity. Alvin, on the other hand, talked with the people sitting on the benches. These people are on their free time.

2. What do they get from you? Why they should even listen on what you are telling in the first place? This is just the same approach as why they should read your emails, or read your article. What is in it for them? What do they get? What benefit or advantage do they earn? Ask this to yourself and tell it to them.

In my approach when I was selling the stickers, what was on my mind was what is in it for me. My concerns were to sell it to generate more earnings and lessen the embarrassment by being able to sell and remove the stickers off my face.

But in Alvin’s approach, he opened his conversation to people with what they could get if they would just give him a few minutes of their time. And that’s how he aced the mission. He tapped the curiosity on people’s minds and activated it.

Since then, I have learned this lesson. And I am trying to apply it on different aspects of my life.



How to Improve Search Engine Ranking

Search engines have always been helpful to many online businesses to be found by their potential customers. However, being found in search engines is a battle you should win everyday. Ranking in search engines matter. The higher your rank, the more likely you are to be found. And just like any internet marketers, I am always aiming to improve search engine ranking.

Improve Search Engine Ranking

Improve Search Engine Ranking through Keyword Research

Keyword research is most vital key to improve search engine ranking. There are also certain factors to consider when choosing the keywords. These are:

• Competition – How many competitors are using this keyword? It is highly recommended to use keywords which do not have so strong competition because it could be hard for you to beat it and improve search engine ranking. Imagine you are going inside a crowded open concert. Your target is to get nearest to the stage. It is tough to pass through when everyone wants to be near the stage.

• Number of searches – How many people do search for that certain keyword? The more the number of searches, the better. We do not want to market something nobody is interested in.

• Cost per click – Although a few consider this as a factor in keyword research to improve search engine ranking, it is also somehow important as well. Cost per click is the value the marketer pays when somebody clicks it. So, the lesser the value, the better.

Page Optimization to Improve Search Engine Ranking

So now, we have picked the right keywords/phrases. What do we do next? We use these keywords on our pages and other websites. There are two kinds of optimization to improve search engine ranking, these are the On Page Optimization and Off Page optimization.

Improve Search Engine Ranking through On Page Optimization

In on page optimization, we optimize the page on our own website with the keyword/phrase we chose. For example, when you write a blog post, you make it keyword optimized. If you are website is of WordPress platform, SEO percentage is easier to determine, most especially if you have the WP SEO plug-in installed. It is your guide on applying SEO to your page and get a chance to improve search engine ranking. When you do an on page optimization, your title, description and meta tag should contain the keyword. Plus, keyword should be optimized enough within the body of the post. Also, to improve search engine ranking, you might as well choose a domain that has a keyword on it such as or; Or if your brand is yourself, you use your name as your domain like mine –

Improve Search Engine Ranking through Off Page Optimization

In off page optimization, we use other sites to improve search engine ranking. This is where link building comes in. We use other sites to link it back to our sites. Sites could be article directories, video directories, forums or other blogs.

• Article/ Video Directories – Most of these directories offer resource box where we can put or links, such that when somebody clicks on it, they would be redirected back to our site. There are also some who allow the use of anchor texts, where you use your chosen keyword as the anchor text, within the body of the article.

• Forums / Blogs – In here, we participate on the topic. In forums and blogs, we share our opinions and suggestions regarding the thread or the site. Just like the directories, there are also some who allow the use of anchor text, or there is a signature box wherein the user can post his website link.

So, how do these improve search engine ranking? Well, the more exposure your site has, the more the website links posted on different sites, the more chances of being clicked and viewed. The more viewers, the heavier traffic is driven back to your site. The heavier the traffic, search engines are most likely to notice your site and that is a very great sign that you’d have your site improve search engine ranking.

5 Skills of an Effective Business Leadership

Every company requires people who are creator, managers, specialist or dealmaker. However, very importantly, you need leadership skills to have a winning team. Not everyone has the capacity to lead people, and just because someone is running the business does not mean he is the leader and has the ability of a leader. It is also not true that a leader is born. In fact, leadership is crafted through the knowledge and experiences. So if you run or own a business, possessing business leadership is extremely necessary.

Business Leadership

Normal business leadership creates followers. A good leader creates leader. A true leader creates a leader creator :) This is how a leader can move up the organization, by clearing his plates so he can take in new responsibilities. That is why, knowing how to really lead matters, for if you fail, so does everything else. I would like to share with you some insights and overviews on great business leadership skills that can help improve your business.

business leadership

Effective Business Leadership

Below are some of the effective leadership skills you should be aware and implement if you’re serious about successfully managing your business and the workforce.

Business Leadership Skill #1:

Be a leader of example. If you want to be followed, lead. If you employ something, start the implementation from yourself. Get your hands dirty. Be a hands-on leader, and not just by words. If you do this, your members will be motivated to follow and will surely respect you.

Business Leadership Skill #2:

An effective business leadership requires passion and commitment to the team. If you do not have the passion, your action and conviction will show, and you would have lost your credibility as a leader. You will be viewed as just a simple employee who delegates, blames people for everything under the sun and leaves home early. However, real leader who is passionate and committed will take action to empower the team, challenges them, pushes them to the next level and inspires them to step up and start taking leadership roles.

Business Leadership Skill #3:

Communicate with your subordinates. An organization without communication is dead. Through effective communication, there is harmonious relationship among leaders and members. Members also need feedback how they are performing, what they can do better, what is the objective and what is the expectation.

Business Leadership Skill #4:

Be organized, not only in thoughts but in action.  A disorganized leader will only create more and more problems within the organization, and his members will become disorganized as well. Once a leader has taken a decisive decision to perform an action, he will follow through instead of doubting every 5 minutes if another decision is the better decision.

Business Leadership Skill #5:

The last but not the least business leadership skill is the ability to take responsibility on everything. If problems arise, the leader should immediately be there to face and own the responsibility to solve it. He holds himself accountable for the mistakes his members do and guide him in correcting the mistake. When top management needs someone to blame, the leader takes it and move on. Contrary, when there is success, a true leader will share the success with the entire team and acknowledge the team’s effort and highlight their contribution to the top management.

MLM as the Best Home Based Business

With the economic crisis going in the world, sometimes the income we earn from our daily job is barely enough to provide the long term needs of our family. That is why, many people choose to have a second job to suffice their needs. Many of them exhaust all their energies and spend most of their day and night working their bones out. But there is another way. By having the best home based business, you could earn more without actually burning all of your energy and time.

Best Home Based Business

Thinking which best home based business to have is overwhelming. With the variety of opportunities available, we can get confused and have difficulty deciding. There are so many factors to consider such as your background skills, the capital needed to start and the probability to succeed not just for a short period but for a long time.

Best Home Based Business

MLM – Best Home Based Business

Probably the best home based business for this generation is network marketing. By working 10-15 hours per week, you may be earning peanuts at the start. Persevere, get educated,  take massive action and you’ll be earning more than what your 40-hour per week job earns after a period of time. Although it is important to choose the companies you should join in, there are certain questions you need to be asking before joining.

Best Home Based Business MLM Question #1:

What product does the company sell? Is it something I am passionate about? Selling something which you have high interest in is more likely that you’d excel in because you have the heart and the conviction of the value the product can bring to the marketplace.

Best Home Based Business MLM Question #2:

What training does the company provide? Does it helps their members acquire and learn new skills to fully excel in the venture? There are some companies who only care about the money they get once a member joins and leaves them behind not knowing what to do next.

Best Home Based Business MLM Question #3:

Is the company financially stable and shares the income fairly among members? Probably the best home based business MLM companies are those which have been operating for at least 5 years. These companies have good credibility, proven track record by surpassing the financial crisis in the first 3 years. Plus, this kind of companies are most likely to give attractive compensation plans and commissions to their members.

Best Home Based Business MLM Question #4:

What are their missions and visions? Do you think their goals can help you grow not just as an earner but as a person in whole? If you truly believe in the company’s vision and has a personal mission aligned with the company, this is another source of fuel that can ignite your passion and your personal growth in this company.


Sales Strategy for 2012

Because of the very tight and competitive world we have today, small and big business are struggling their very best to win the hearts of their customers. A great business owner knows that the key to rise above the competition is by a sales strategy.

Sales Strategy

Sales Strategy

What is a sales strategy? It is a strategy wherein you create an approach that will make customer buy and you generate sales in return, and create a competitive advantage. Having a long time sales strategy, together with a short term sales strategy is essential for your business to be sustainable.

Two Types of Sales Strategy

There are two types of sales strategy- the direct and indirect. And each business applies on of the two.

Direct Sales Strategy – In this strategy, the sales person talks about their competition before their own products. They attack the flaws of their competitors’ product and compare it to their own. A good example of a product that uses direct sales strategy is a detergent soap. Brand Y points out how Brand X cannot remove the stain on a shirt in a period of time, and then illustrates how its product, Brand Y, can remove the stain easily with just small amount of detergent applied.

Indirect Sales Strategy – This sales strategy is the reciprocal of the earlier strategy. The business talks about the benefits and features of their products, which are not available in their competitors.

Building a New Sales Strategy

When building a sales strategy, find out what helped your business and what does not. Follow the 80/20 rule and find the top 20% of your customers bringing in 80% of the revenue. Analyze the products they bought, how these customers are generated and collect feedback from them. Once you have these information, you can build a new sales strategy specific to these customer group.

Building Social Media Marketing Plan

Internet has enormously affected the lives of billions of people and has been used to further simplify and reach out extensively in ways we never thought was possible. Social media sites are great examples of websites that played a big part in everyone’s lives. If you have a good social media marketing plan, you are most likely to succeed in your business online.

Social Media Marketing Plan

At this point, whether to use social media or not in your business is no longer a question. Instead, question if you are doing social media right. The key to turn your social media marketing plan is by focusing more on the basics. Spend exceptional effort to make customers spread great words about your products or services.

Social Media Marketing Plan

Starting the Social Media Marketing Plan

Many businesses use social media just because their competitors use it as well. They felt like they have no choice but to use it to level with them. However, they didn’t realize that jumping immediately without a social media marketing plan is a suicide. In the end, you will find yourself wasting your time without getting any good results.

If you do not want this to happen, clear your mind first, analyze how social media can really help your business, and determine the steps needed to achieve it. Observe how other successful businesses use social media to their leverage, and apply it on your business.

Once you have determined which social media marketing plan to use, do a double check. Is your plan SMART – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bounded? If not, you may catch yourself doing the things which are taking forever to realize. It is highly recommended to start with a short-term social media marketing plan.

Execute and Evaluate the Social Media Marketing Plan

Now that you have your social media marketing, focusing on doing the right execution is very important. There may be time when you feel like things are going wrong. You may ask for tips and advice from experts who are doing well in social media. Reevaluate your social media marketing plan, restrategize, execute it and measure the results again. Many businesses measure success by the boost of sales they get from social media.

Side Note:
Social media is constantly changing. That is why your social media marketing plan should also be dynamic and be able to adapt to the changes. By constantly innovating, your goal to succeeding does not stop when change happens.