How to Build Opt In Email Lists

Email Marketing is one of the most essential marketing techniques on the web to generate sales on auto-pilot. The first step to do that is by building an opt in email lists in a blog or squeeze page.

Opt In Email Lists

Opt In Email Lists – Qualified Customers

There are people who buy email address list and spam them with their advertisement. Super Bad Idea. These spammers are being a nuisance to everyone who simply do not care, and simply aren’t going to make the best customers. On the other hand, people who opt in email lists are people who are interested in what you have to offer, and have much better potential to be your customers.

Opt In Email Lists – Ethical Bribe

In order to build your opt in email lists, the very first thing you should consider is your target audience. Who are they, what are the problems they are facing, and what are the pain that are causing them to seek certain solution. By having this clarity, you can proceed to craft an “ethical bribe” in the forms of EBook, Recorded Audio, Video Bootcamp Series, to encourage them to subscribe to your opt in email lists.

Opt In Email Lists – Blogging

As mentioned earlier, one way of capturing email address is by putting subscription form in your blog. You can use SEO and social media to drive traffic to your blog post with a title that creates curiosity. In the blog post, define and address problems your target audience is facing, tell them the solutions you have and what it can do for them, and finally tell them the action they need to take in order to get that information.

This method requires more effort though, and you need to be consistent to produce good content for people to visit your blog in the first place. But people who opt in email lists via your blog already knows you, and hence the “trust” factor is higher than PPC.

Opt In Email Lists – PPC

If you’re using PPC, you want to drive traffic to a lead capture page, or a squeeze page. The key to getting a good opt-in rate is your free offer needs to be congruent with the PPC advertisement. Otherwise, leads will come to your squeeze page, sees there’s a disconnect between your offer and the advertisement and leave. In my spilt testing results, it appears having a simple lead capture page is essential to increasing your opt in rates. Contrary to popular belief, testimonies, fanciful graphics all over the place, tons of information actually “decreases” chances opt in email lists.

Think of it this way. Your end objective is to bring people to your sales page as many times as possible. You can only do that by capturing email address. Lead capture page is really a necessary obstacle that facilitate the process. Hence, you really want to shorten the time gap between the time they reach your capture page, and the time they opt in email list. Having tons of information widens that time gap.

If you want to presell, show testimonies, show other fanciful things, do that in the sales page or in your opt in email lists.

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