How to Start a Business with No Money

Building a business has been considered as one of the fastest ways to earn lots of money. That is why many people want to start a business. However, what’s hindering them is the capital to start with. With the development of commerce, anyone can start a business with no money. How? Keep reading.

Start a business with no money

There is one tool you should use to start a business with no money – the internet. Besides finding angel investor or venture capitalist, creating an online business is one of the best way to start a business with no money. As long as you have your computer and internet at home, you can now proceed to the next steps on how to start a business with no money.

Start a Business with no Money

Start a business with no money by cutting unnecessary expenses

The best thing about building business online is that you do not need to rent an office space. You can operate the business at the comfort of your own home. So, erase the office rent expense in your list. To save more, do the business yourself. Do not hire any assistants to do the things for you. Design logo and manage inventory and sales by yourself. Once you get the cashflow going in your online business and you are consistently earning well, then you should start to outsource some of your activities out.

Start a business with no money by using social media

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are now not only used as a way to update people about you. It can also be used to start a business with no money. Putting your business on these sites can be done for free. You create an account, put what products or services you offer, attract more leads, interact and connect.

Start a business with no money by creating a website

While using social media is a great way to start a business with no money, creating a website as well is better to earn more. Building a website may need you to spend few bucks to buy a domain and hosting service, but this will not really hurt your pocket. Once you have your site running, there are more chances of having customers, and you will start getting returns. What you need to do to get more customers with your website is that you need to market it. Do an SEO (search engine optimization).

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  1. Hi, Luke,

    Thank you for pointing directly to the internet. It is so true that we can start with a website…. it does not cost an arm and a leg.

    Affiliate marketing, I have discovered, is another way to earn money to deal with the cash flow challenge. This is particularly true for network marketers who often have to invest in marketing tools and develop the team before the money comes in.

    I have found that using a great marketing tool that also pays for your referrals a workable strategy. This kind of affiliate marketing does NOT take away your energy for doing your own network marketing team building.

    Viola Tam
    Viola Tam recently posted..Network Marketing Success Tips: Brian Tracy (3)

  2. I’d suggest that someone just grab an affiliate id on clickbank and or ad angler, and then comment on forums and such to make some affiliate sales.

    It’s time consuming and is slow…but if someone has no money then that is where id start.

    a website costs considerable time and money, and takes the same amount of time to develop and market VS just organically building networks and making sales by chilling out on forums and such.